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A Swayam Sevak replies to Javed Anand

(Reproduced below is a spirited
reply by a Swayam Sevak to
Javed Anand, co-editor of
Communalism Combat (a compound
name compromising of Muslim and
Hindu to flaunt secularism). This
Javed Anand married Teesta
Setalvad a Hindu daughter of a
famous attorney. She has not
changed her name to that of a
Muslim to proclaim true
“secularism”. This couple have a
poisonous journal called
“Communalism Combat”. It is to
combat this poison that we have
started the “Secularism” Combat”.)
Respected Mr Javedji,
We are happy to read your article
cum application with your intent to
join the RSS.
On behalf of RSS I invite you to
our nearest Shakha. Please let us
know if you find difficulty in finding
one. We would be very happy to
have you there as one among us.
But Sir, I have some comments on
the points raised by you in the
As a Swayamsevak and also as
a modern Hindu, I do not judge a
person by his / her ancestry; religion,
race or social background. We have
no tradition of ‘background
checking’ in our Shakha, leave alone
wanting to speculate about
somebody’s social, religious or racial
backgrounds. But since you have
speculated about your ancestry,
based on the Islamist version of
Indian history only to make a point,
I think there should be the objective
version of history too that should be
put across.
You speculate that you may be
a descendent of an untouchable who
was seduced out of Hinduism by the
“appeal” of Islam. I do not deny you
the prerogative to your imagined
past. I accept its probability,
however small. But an objective
reading of history would tell you that
you and I have greater chance of
being the descendents of Dhimmis
or Hindu slaves. Your ancestors
may not have been among the tens
of thousands of Hindu salves who
used to be transported naked in the
torturous winters of the ‘Hindu Kush’
mountains; for very few of them
would even have survived to be sold
as slaves in Afghanistan and Persia.
But there are better chances that
you could find your lineage in the
Dhimmis or slaves somewhere
geographically nearer; in the
empires of one of the Sultans or
If your forefathers were lucky
enough they could also have been
from rich princely families, many of
whom chose to convert to Islam so
that they could save themselves and
their loved ones, from the barbaric
destruction at the hands of
Aurangzeb and his likes. Or they
could have been less lucky Hindu
traders, farmers, artisans or priests,
who were the victims of plunder, loot
and torture and were converted at
the point of sword or by constant
persecution and subjection to
‘Dhimmitude’ and slavery. They
could also have been courageous
Hindu soldiers and generals who
lost fighting bravely and whose
women folk were forced into the
Harems of the Islamic rulers and
generals. The probabilities are too
many. Let me stop at that.
Sir, as an Islamist, you may have
problems accepting that the Islamist
rulers ever imposed ‘Zejiya’
(religious tax on non Muslims) or
that Hindus (Jains, Sikhs,
Buddhists and all pagans of India
included) were regarded as
‘Dhimmis’ and condemned to a life
of slavery or for that matter, the fact
that the Islamic invasion of India was
one of the bloodiest in the history of
mankind. But never mind, you can
always make a new beginning by
liberating yourself of your past
biases. I am hopeful that you would
open your eyes to the Islamic
records of the Hindu Holocaust; the
tales of plunder and rape, of
destruction and of torture
unapologetically recorded by the
court historians of these “egalitarian”
Islamist rulers. You say Sir, that you
feel “insecure”. That is probably
because you own up the historical
guilt for the Hindu holocaust by
Islamists which you need not. You
need not see yourself and other
Muslims as the owners of the bloody
legacy of the Islamists but as the
descendants of the innocent Hindus
who were victims of it. Sir, who else,
other than your Dhimmi brothers
and sisters, could sympathize with
you and understand your mental
miscegenation of “Mandir” and
“Masjid”? Sir, it is your choice to
accept or to deny your Dhimmi
ancestry and go for an ideologically
convinient ‘untouchable- convert’
ancestry. But that would hardly be
of any consequence in your joining
the RSS. Sir, we belive in the future
and not in the past. You an
untouchable- convert and I a Dhimmi
slave, together we can make a great
new beginning.
You would also be very happy to
know Sir, that we Hindus, unlike
Indian Muslims, have come a long
way since the medieval times. We
can take you right inside the temple,
if you wish, for your intended “ghar
vapsi” where you can offer pooja and
aarti possibly guided by a temple
priest whose known ancestry, unlike
yours which is speculative, could
run back to an “untouchable”. You
may also want to bring along your
wife Teestaji, who as a woman can’t
even dream of entering a Mosque.
What a liberation wouldn’t it be for
a woman who is still considered
“untouchable” and “impure” to enter
a Mosque?
Sir. you are welcome to join us.
Hindus, who have no problems
accepting my being an atheist, have
never had any problems with your
Namaz and Roza. But Sir, my many
friends outside Sangh tell me that
we RSS people are very naïve and
that we should not fall prey to the
designs of somebody who has
fudged records, and concocted
“macabre of tales” (as the leaked
SIT report puts it) of riot cases, to
defame, denigrate and attack
innocent and unsuspecting Hindus.
They tell me Sir, that there are other
well meaning Muslims whom we
could talk to. But never mind Sir,
we should have no problems,
especially if we know that you have
changed since. It would be great, if
you could come out in the open and
let the world know the truth about
the concocted stories of riots and
also apologize for being untruthful. I
know, that would be very difficult. But
I wish ‘Allah’ gives you and your wife
all the courage you need to liberate
yourself from a life of lies.
Sir, also since you have claimed
earlier to have worked as a human
rights activist, I am hopeful that you
and your wife would open your eyes
to the plight of poor Hindu fishermen
who were brutally massacred by
armed Muslim gangs on the beach
of Marad not very long ago, or the
tribals belonging to the Jatiya tribe
in Tripura who are facing genocide
at the hands of Church supported
insurgents, or the unsuspecting
Hindu and Christian girls who are
being lured by Jehadi boys in
Kerala, and then being sold in Arab
countries as prostitutes and slaves
or the Kashmiri Pandits whose lives
are but all devastated and to all the
Hindus who live a life of religious
persecution, insecurity and are
victims of constant aggression.
I also wish that ‘Allah’ gives you
the courage that he has given to
great Muslim intellectuals like ‘Ibn
Warraq’, ‘Anwar Sheikh’ and ‘Ali
Sina’ so that you too can help
liberate yourself and the Muslim
community from dogmatism and
fanaticism and open their minds to
modern science and objective
thinking. That, I believe is the only
solution to your mental
miscegenation and your
Looking forward to your
participation in one of our Shakhas.
Best regards to you and to
Yours affectionately

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